— Jake Ness CEO

Despite the beauty and reliability of hardwood floors, they are prone to collecting unhealthy dust and sometimes suffer unsightly stains or scratches. Over time, even well-tended hardwood will become dingy and grimy because of daily wear and tear.

Contaminants such as dust, dirt, dander, and even mold spores build up on the surface and between the cracks of your hardwood floors, ruining their natural sheen and fostering the growth of harmful bacteria.

Our high-tech cleaning process will remove all the built-up dirt in and under your hardwood, leaving your hardwood floors glistening with their best shine. If pet stains, water marks, or collected dirt are soiling your hardwood, call our friendly staff today.

We will thoroughly cleanse your hardwood floors, and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all services performed by us.

Why Choose Us for Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning?

  • Our process is dust-free, meaning the cleaning process will not make a mess of its own!
  • Hardwood floor cleaning can be completed in a few short hours, allowing you to maintain your daily activities with no prolonged furniture displacement.
  • Our powerful hardwood floor cleaning system removes all unsightly and unhealthy dirt and stains – and afterwards, we professionally finish your wood!
  • Utilizes the industry’s latest technology for hardwood floor cleaning and stain removal
  • Our quick but powerful three step process will restore your hardwood in no time. Clean, Rinse and Finish!
  • Our specially-trained hardwood floor cleaning crew start by preparing the area for cleaning. Then, we use a three-step process to clean, rinse, and finish your hardwood floor.

Our team uses a power-driven rotary brush and to remove loose particles and achieve a deep clean without making a mess. We then repeat the cleaning process to work out any stubborn pollutants. Then, we apply a neutralizer to restore Hardwood floors, adding character and beauty to any room.

Finally, we apply a coat of satin or gloss to bring out the natural shine of your floor. Hardwood Preservation Finish (Gloss or Satin) is designed to be used as a preservation finish over an existing urethane finish over a hardwood floor. It is a low solid blend of urethane and acrylic so that it can be easily applied over a urethane finish after a thorough cleaning and a properly prepared base finish. The base finish can be prepared by the extraction or abrasive cleaning method. This preservation finish serves as the wear coat and protects the original finish of the floor.

After it dries, you are free to return furniture to its proper place and enjoy the fresh look and feel of your home!

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