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"We are committed to making our homes and work environments the Best they possibly can be, we will not stop until everything is up to Hi Definitions Standards . We will always treat our customers and materials we are working on with the respect and attention they deserve by going above and beyond everyone's expectations - treating them how we would want to be treated."

-- Jake Ness, CEO

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We are constantly working on how to better serve our clients, and one of the ways is by being your specialty concrete and stone restoration company. Once you see the level of service we provide you, we know you'll want and trust us for all of your concrete and stone needs. We offer the following services:

  • Concrete Prepping, Grinding, and Polishing
  • Stone(Marble, Travertine, Granite, etc) Polishing
  • Countertop Polishing
  • Epoxy Floor Coating Installation
  • Garage Floor Makeover Service
  • Residential & Commercial Service

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    The owner of Hi Definition Concrete & Stone Polishing, Jake Ness, has been in the floor restoration industry for the past 15 years and has a modern customer satisfaction first attitude to every client. Being a cleaning and restoration nerd that he is, there is always changes happening to keep up with the newest eco friendly technology and faster more efficient ways of providing services. The way he pays his employees is also amazing he believes each employee should be able to support themselves and their families, making hi-def employees very happy and helping them to provide great service to our customers.

    Our Guarantees

    • We don't cut corners we polish them!
    • We understand having a company come out can be a necessary inconvenience to your day and we aim to make your experience with our company enjoyable. We do our very best to respect your time and perform all work quickly and effectively If there ever is an issue we will promptly return to correct it and if we cannot - your service is free. There is no risk in working with us we 100% guarantee that!

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      Disinfection Services Los Angeles

      Hi Definition is revolutionizing the way you can disinfect here in Los Angeles by offering a non toxic natural cleaning process using Electrostatic sprayers and EPA- Registered Aquaox 275/pHur™. Aquaox 275/pHur™ is a green disinfectant made up of electrolyzed/pH-modified water, salt, and a whole lot of science. This natural disinfectant is the best disinfectant spray for the simple fact that it is strong enough to clean bathrooms and kitchens, yet safe enough to use on a child's toy. Jonathan Abramson, founder of BlueTone Marketing and Public Relations stated that “pHur’s EPA-registered, neutral pH, hypochlorous formulation mimics the solution our bodies create naturally to fight infection. pHur starts killing on contact and is proven to physically kill 99.99% of known bacteria and viruses including MRSA, E. coli, Salmonella, VRE and more. With hospital-acquired infection now topping $30 billion in annual costs and the alarming rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs, Aquaox 275/pHur™ is aiming to redefine the way the world disinfects” So if you are looking for a safe and effective solution to your disinfecting/virus and superbug-killing needs, Aquaox 275/pHur™ is the solution for you.

      Our disinfecting services are offered to both business owners and homeowners here in Los Angeles. Our professionally trained technicians have been hired to thoroughly disinfect the following businesses: hospitals, doctors offices, dentists offices, food services, department stores, malls, law offices, general office space, bathrooms and restrooms, gyms, locker rooms, k-12 schools, colleges and universities, commercial kitchens, and many more.

      Jeff Christensen, the co-founder of Hi Definition’s partner Zerorez, stated “the time has come for a safer, more effective way to disinfect our homes and workplaces. Today’s responsible consumer understands the benefits of a natural lifestyle. pHur Cleaning and Disinfecting water will help complete that lifestyle rather than allowing harsh chemicals to conflict with it.” Along with the movement to encourage people to switch to using green cleaners and disinfectants, a group of public health professionals, health educators, nurses, and policymakers in California and around the nation have come together and created a document titled the Green Cleaning Toolkit for Early Care and Education. This document is full of ways that you can reduce the risks of infectious disease while using products that are safe for children and the environment. This booklet provides statements to help us understand why it is best to switch from using harmful chemical cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants to a much safer alternative (one option of which we offer, Aquaox 275/pHur™). Reasons that you should adopt green cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting include:

      • Many products used to clean, sanitize, and disinfect contain toxic chemicals. 
      • Children are more sensitive than adults to the health effects of toxic chemicals in the environment. 
      • Health effects that occur from exposure to environmental toxins may not show up for years or even decades.
      • Up to one-third of childhood cancer is due to environmental causes.
      • Young children have more years to develop diseases from early environmental exposures than adults.
      • Pregnant women and their unborn babies are particularly vulnerable to the health effects of hazardous products used in ECE.

      Let us help you choose safe and environmentally friendly ways of disinfecting by allowing us to disinfect your home or business here in Los Angeles with the revolutionary Aquaox 275/pHur™ and our electrostatic spraying process. Live naturally. Live Clean. Live pHur™.