How to maintain and clean my stone?

So if your like everyone who has had a new stone floor, counter or shower installed, you have no idea how to properly clean it! you have heard vinegar has 101 uses on pinterest, you have heard baking soda and the tears of a newborn baby will work, you may have even heard goji berries mixed with fiji water will be the best! okay maybe not all of those.

Well the good news is we will make it very easy for you to maintain your stone floor or counter!

First things first, you will need a small science background to understand all this. Remember stone is strong but delicate. If you have ever heard of a ph scale that’s good because acid chemicals anything from a 1-5 ph can hurt your stone, and alkiline anything from a 9-14 ph can also hurt your stone. Remember if you do hurt or damage your stone its not too big of a deal just call us or email us and we can walk you thru how to fix it. No stone is unfix-able 99.9% of the time!

Okay so back to ph levels. the cleaners you want to use that are safe for any stone would be in the 6-8 ph range, (7 is perfect) A neutral cleaner is best for the safety of your stone. Some cleaners i recommend are and for stone counters.

Even at home depot you can find some good products, the main issue i find people doing is using glass cleaner with ammonia in it or using clr/ lime away to remove hard water spots on shower doors when they have a stone floor in there, this basically removes all sealers and polish from the stone. There are safe cleaners for hard water stains like stone scrub

If you have any trouble finding the products i mentioned just shoot us an email or phone call and we can help you get them!

Maybe your wondering how a neutral cleaner can kill bacteria? Your right in asking that because it cant, the good news is Microfiber rags and flat mop pads actually trap bacteria in the fibers. So any damp Microfiber is actually trapping your bacteria in them. Seems a little scary to believe because we have always known that you have to use bleach or disinfectant to kill bacteria’s. which is true, Microfibers are not killing anything but they do trap the bacteria in them, and after you wash them with  hot water and soap then your bacteria is killed and run down the drain.

I hope this helps in your stone care, if you have any questions please reach out to us!



How to maintain your stone?
How to maintain your stone?
How to maintain your stone
How to maintain your stone?