You love your hardwood floors and you want them to last right?

Well many store bought chemicals have additives in them that can actually ruin your floor. Even wood floor manufactures recommend cleaners that can ruin your floor because those chemical companies take the manufactures out to lunch!

Now i don’t know about you but if i just spent 10 grand on a new wood floor i would want to take care of it properly!

Which is why i am writing this article. 9 out of 10 times when we go to do a hardwood floor clean and polish our most time is spent removing the layers of product homeowners have been applying to the floor for years, before we can begin any polishing.

When using any cleaner on your wood, less is more. a light mist over floor with a spray bottle or a mop like this or similar

Local stores like  sams club, home depot, lowes may have a similar mop system as well.

Microfiber flat mop systems do an incredible job at sanitizing floors, removing dirt and dust, and protecting your floor from large amounts of water. So back to best chemicals to use. You want to find something with a neutral ph (7) and free of any polymers (wax) because most recommended floor chemicals have polymers in them you are actually leaving a residue every time you clean. Now vinegar and water has been debated in the cleaning world for years on weather or not you can use it on wood. My opinion is not too. vinegar is not a neutral ph it is anywhere from a 4-6 ph which means acidic. Personally acids are good for concrete and windows but leave it there.

Of course if you have any further questions on how to care for your wood floor or anything else do not hesitate to email us at

Some examples of cleaners are as follows.