polishing concrete in Philips ranch Polished Concrete is a relatively new & innovative environment friendly flooring option. It uses a bare concrete slab, typically the building’s foundation, and transforms it to a decorative floor. The final product looks similar to a polished stone such as marble or travertine. All products added to the concrete during the polishing process are intended to enhance the natural concrete, not cover or alter it. The final has all the natural benefits of the original concrete slab, only it’s stronger and more resistant to staining.

The Process of Polishing Concrete

The concrete polishing process is similar to sanding wood, but on a much larger scale. The initial grinding stages remove any dirt or coatings from the floor, and remove the surface paste to expose the stronger concrete that lies beneath. The next grinding stages of finer grits refine the rough floor to a flat, level surface to ensure a consistent polish. And finally the higher grit resin polishing diamonds are used to progressively bring the floor to a durable, high-gloss (or low-gloss if you prefer) finish. A densifier, which improves the strength and abrasion resistance, and a penetrating sealer, which acts as a stain protection, are applied to the floor at various stages throughout the process.