Hardwood Cleaning, Oiling, and Recoating

Hardwood Cleaning, Oiling, and Recoating

How Can HD Clean Help?

  • Wax build-up removal from Rejuvinate, Quick-Shine, Bone Polish, etc.
  • Cleaning residue removal to restore shine
  • Deep-cleaning and re-oiling of factory finish and site cured oiled floors
  • Stripping and re-coating with new weat layer for Aluminum Oxide and polyurethane floors

So often we are asked at HDClean: “When you have restored my wood floor, how do I take care of it?” As an expert in the industry it is puzzling to see that so little information is available for maintaining hard wood floors.

Properly Taking Care of Wood Floors and Carpet

Carpets and wood floors actually have more in common then you would think. You would think the only thing they have in common is that they are a type of floor. Not quite. When it comes to long-term performance and maintenance they have more in common then you would think.

Particles can Damage like Sandpaper

We know we shouldn’t wear our shoes in our homes, but let’s talk about the damage that comes from the particles we track in if we do wear our shoes. The most damaging to both carpet and hardwood flooring are the abrasive, sandy soil particles that we track in. These particles are very small and will act like sandpaper beneath our shoes.

How Micro-Abrasion Causes Damage

On carpet these tiny particles will damage the fibers and, as time goes on, will create, what our industry refers to as “traffic lane gray”. You have probably seen this in homes you have been in, especially by the garage or in front of the family room sofa. Areas where people where shoes that have the most traffic tend to have these spots. Vacuuming frequently will help, but is not a substitution for professional cleaning and regularly using protectant. Regular professional attention will extend the life of these areas and reduce the time between replacing carpet. Here is the thing, this is true for hardwood flooring as well. These abrasive particles beneath our shoes will, do damage to the beautiful top coating over the wood that keeps your floor protected. Over time micro-abrasions causes very tiny scratches which scratch the finish on your wood.

Three Types of Wood Flooring

Solid wood

Solid wood is the most diverse class of flooring as it can come in all shapes and sizes. But the constant is that it is always a solid piece of wood. These types of floors can be finished at your home, but in modern days they are almost pre-finished in a factory. Pre-finished means the floors have been stained and protected in a factory rather than your home. We’ll come back to that protective finish later.


Another large array of choices is found in engineered wood floors. Usually less costly than solid wood floors, because they are a lamination of several layers of plywood with a hardwood top. Because it has a multi-ply structure, engineered wood is stable and won’t shrink and expand as easily as hardwood in hot and cold conditions. As with hardwood, engineered wood is generally finished in the factory these days. Since these floors are not solid hardwood, the protective finish is a critical issue, and must be taken care of. Many engineered floors have such a small hardwood top that sanding cannot be done.


Laminate flooring has a paper top and a pulp (wood chip) composite underneath. Laminate is not a wood floor. It’s made to look like a wood floor to reduce costs.

Protecting Your Floor with a Protective Finish

We have all seen what happens when wood is left out for an extended period. I believe the term we all use is “fire wood”. Wood left out to oxidize and be subjected to the sun’s powerful UV rays turns grey and is only good for fire. Your hardwood floors are the same way. In order to avoid the destructive forces of nature your floors must be protected. Thus, the protective finish that is required for hardwood floors. Long ago floors were protected with wax or varnish and it was very labor intensive to maintain.

"Bought a new home with beautiful hardwood floors that had not been serviced. Eric knew just how to clean and oil them and bring them back to life. Timely, professional, and very kind. Thank you!"

Professional Help and Advice

Why not leave this to a professional such as HDClean? Do you think you are in need of some wood floor maintenance?