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Cleaning tile and grout yourself can be back breaking work that leaves you with a sore body for your efforts. We do not think anyone should have to spend hours on their hands and knees scrubbing grout lines. We provide a top notch tile and grout cleaning service that will make you smile and fall in love with your floors again. We have the knowledge, experience, and the right tools to make sure your tile receives the best cleaning possible.

Key Benefits To Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

Safe Cleaning Solutions - not only do we want to provide you with a great cleaning but your family's health is important to us. We use safe cleaning solutions that have tremendous cleaning power without the risk to your health.

Knowledge and Training - We have invested into the proper training to clean tile and grout. Some tile types require the use of special cleaning solutions to not damage them. All cleaning solutions aren't created equal and using the wrong ones can create damage that is expensive to fix. Our cleaning solutions are rinsed completely from the floor and do not leave a residue like many store bought products.

Improve Air Quality - tile flooring can absorb pollutants and other allergens just like carpet can. Our cleaning processes uses hot water that is great for sanitizing.

We Love Details - We are very detail oriented and make sure all of the nooks, crevices, and edges of your tile and grout floor are cleaned too.

Flooring Longevity - Many people do not realize that dirt, greases, and oils can damage the structural integrity of tile and grout. As the soil level increases it can cause tiles and grout to crack allowing bacteria and germs to make their way underneath the tile. Regular professional cleaning and inspection of your floor will prevent this from happening. If your tile and grout does become damaged it should be repaired right away.

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Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Improve the Health of Your Home

Tile and grout can be some of the nicest touches in a home. Not only are they beautiful but they are also durable. These surfaces will get you through a lot in life, but their porous surfaces hold on to a lot of dirt and grime that comes their way. The dirt and grime that gets stuck in your grout and on the surface of the tile begin to make this once attractive piece of your house an absolute disgrace. Our unique eco-friendly process will blast away dirt and grime even in the hard to clean areas of your tile and grout. Not only will your floors be nice to look at after a tile and grout cleaning, but the overall health of your home will be improved as those nasties that have been stuck to your floor are eliminated.

How Sealants Will Make Your Life Easier

Every time that we go into a home for a tile and grout cleaning, we highly recommend that a sealant be applied over the top. Why do we do this? To make your life easier. Once we have performed a deep tile and grout cleaning, your floors will be restored to their beautiful like-new state. But life still goes on! To keep your floors in this state for as long as possible, a grout sealer is highly recommended. Applying a grout sealer after cleaning can be highly beneficial in many ways such as:

  • The sealant layer will prevent soils and stains from sticking to your grout and tile. Permanent stains will never be a problem again as you properly take care of your sealed tile and grout.
  • Small maintenance tasks such as sweeping and mopping will take much less time. With tile and grout sealant you will be able to easily wipe away dirt and debris without resorting to scrubbing in down on your hands and knees.

Our Tile & Grout Cleaning Process

Eco Friendly Cleaning Solution

Our powerful cleaning solutions breaks up soils from deep within the grout and suspends them in the cleaning solution so they can be extracted and removed from the floor. Our tile cleaning solutions are family and pet safe yet strong enough to provide a great cleaning.


To help our cleaning solution be more effective we scrub the grout lines to loosen stubborn soiling and oils. Depending on the amount of soiling we scrub the tile face itself as well. We do the scrubbing so you don't have to.


Our specialty tile cleaning tool connects to our truck mounted cleaning machine and rinses the tile. It produces very hot water that is great for sanitizing but also removing difficult soil as well. You are left with a clean floor and a smile on your face.


We highly recommend you have a grout sealer applied to your grout after cleaning. For natural stone tile we can apply it to both the tile face and grout. Natural stone is more absorbent and susceptible to staining and discoloration from liquids and dirt. Synthetic tile such as ceramic has a glaze coating on the tile face to protect it. However, the grout is much like natural stone in that it can be easily damaged without proper protection.

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